Dates for future meetings in 2017 are as follows: -

              12th October - a short meeting will be held only if Planning Applications received, otherwise the next meetings will be held on  9th November and 14th December.

              All meetings may be attended by the public and are held on Thursdays, usually at 7.15pm in the Memorial Hall in Harden.

              Agenda  Draft Minutes 14th September, 2017 

              Agenda  Minutes 10th August, 2017

              Agenda  Minutes 13th July 2017 

              Agenda  Minutes 8th June 2017 

              Annual Parish Meeting Notice  11th May 2017 

              Agenda  Minutes 11th May 2017 

              Agenda  Minutes  13th April 2017 

              Agenda  Minutes  9th March 2017

              Agenda  Minutes  9th February 2017 

              Agenda  Minutes  12th January 2017 

              Agenda  Minutes  8th December 2016 

              Agenda  Minutes  10th November 2016

              Agenda  Minutes  13th October 2016 

              Agenda  Minutes  8th September 2016 

              Agenda  Minutes  11th August 2016 

              Agenda  Minutes  14th July 2016

              Agenda  Minutes  9th June 2016 

              Annual Parish Meeting Notice 12th May 2016 

              Agenda  Minutes   12th May 2016

              Agenda  Minutes   14th April 2016

              Agenda  Minutes   10th March 2016

              Agenda  Minutes   11th February 2016

              Agenda  Minutes   4th January 2016

              Agenda  Minutes   3rd December 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   12th November 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   8th October 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   10th September 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   20th August 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   9th July 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   11th June 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   14th May 2015 

              Agenda  Minutes    9th April 2015 

              Agenda  Minutes   12th March 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   12th February 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   15th January 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   8th January 2015

              Agenda  Minutes   11th December 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   13th November 2014  

              Agenda  Minutes   9th October 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   22nd September 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   11th September 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   14th August 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   10th July 2014

              Agenda  Minutes    12th June 2014 

              Agenda  Minutes    8th May 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   10th April 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   13th March 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   13th February 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   9th January 2014

              Agenda  Minutes   12th December 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   14th November 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   10th October 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   19th September 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   8th August 2013 

              Agenda  Minutes   11th July 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   13th June 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   9th May 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   11th April 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   14th March 2013

              Agenda  Minutes   14th February 2013 

              Agenda  Minutes   10th January 2013

              Agenda  Minutes  13th December 2012
              Agenda  Minutes   8th November 2012
              Agenda  Minutes 11th October 2012
              Agenda  Minutes 13th September 2012
              Agenda  Minutes   8th August 2012
              Agenda  Minutes 12th July 2012
              Agenda  Minutes 14th June 2012 
              Agenda  Minutes 10th May 2012
              Agenda  Minutes 12th April 2012
              Agenda  Minutes  8th March 2012
              Agenda  Minutes  9th February 2012
              Agenda  Minutes 12th January 2012
              Agenda  Minutes 8th December 2011
              Agenda  Minutes 10th November 2011 

              Agenda  Minutes 13th October 2011
              Agenda  Minutes  8th September 2011
              Agenda  Minutes 11th August 2011
              Agenda  Minutes 14th July 2011 
              Agenda  Minutes  9th June 2011
              APM Notice Agenda incl. Annual Meeting of the Council 12th May 2011
              Agenda  Minutes14th April 2011
              Agenda  Minutes 10th March 2011
              Agenda  Minutes 10th February 2011
              Agenda  Minutes 13th January 2011 

              Agenda  Minutes  9th December 2010
              Agenda  Minutes 11th November 2010
              NO MEETING IN OCTOBER 2010
              Agenda  Minutes  9th September 2010
              Agenda  Minutes12th August 2010
              Agenda  Minutes  8th July 2010
              Agenda  Minutes 10th June 2010
              Agenda  APM notice  Minutes APM Minutes 13th May 2010
              Agenda  Minutes  8th April 2010
              Agenda  Minutes 11th March 2010
              Agenda  Minutes 11th February 2010
              Agenda  Minutes 14th January 2010 

              Agenda  Minutes 10th December 2009
              Agenda  Minutes  12th November 2009