Miscellaneous consultations and responses. 


West Yorkshire Bus Strategy, 2016

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) is developing a Bus Strategy for West Yorkshire. A consultation exercise ran from 18 July - 21 October 2016 and Harden Parish Council's responses can be viewed below. For more information on the strategy, visit WYCA's website here

Harden Parish Council's Response 

Response Pro Forma 


Council Tax Referendum Consultation

The Local Government Finance Settlement 2017 to 2018 includes proposals regarding council tax referendum principles for local parish and town councils.

Harden Parish Council's response to the technical consultation can be found here.


Car Parking Charges - St Ives Estate

Bradford MDC consulted on proposals to introduce car parking charges at St Ives, as part of a series of measures to reduce a significant budget deficit. The Parish Council sought additional information on the costs of installation and operation of the scheme and considered the matter at the Parish Council meeting on 8th September.

The Parish Council response on the issue can be found here.


Development Sites - Consultation

In 2016 Bradford MDC consulted on proposed new development sites across the district. The Parish Council held a well attended public meeting to canvass local opinion and subsequently prepared a response at the Parish Council meeting on 14th July.

The presentation, minutes from the public meeting and the response to Bradford Council can be found here.